Friday, 30 January 2015

An Artist...I try....


                                                    Welcome Friends!

                             Today the sun is shining so bright the thoughts of
                                 spring comes to mind till I open the door
                                    to let the dogs in and that arctic air hits
                                                   you right in the face.

                                           A balmy 5 degrees F. or -14 celcius

                                     I have been busy working on my Face Book
                                                      Page all day.

                                          Now that's a task all in it's own.

                                                  I have had lots of help
                                 from Heather @ New House New Home New Life,
                                                 Thanks for being there for me
                                                 Heather and for your patience.

                                                       If you don't know Heather
                                                 be sure you drop by her blog and
                                                           her  Face Book page .
                                                 She's an avid gardener, she has lots of tips
                                                her gardens are so beautiful, She brings
                                          Vintage back to life with her transformations,
                                                     I hear she is the best at Baking!!!!

                                              I thought I would leave you with this
                                                   cute little fellow that I
                                                        painted last Saturday.

                                               Everyone have a fantastic weekend!


Tuesday, 27 January 2015

What was old is new again


                                                            Welcome Friends!

                                                          What comes around
                                            goes around!

                              We all know that saying, well in my case
                                                         that's exactly what I crocheted.

                                                   I haven't crocheted a Child's Poncho
                                                   since my daughters some 30yrs ago.

                                                       (whoops I guess that's telling my age)

                                         Well they seem to be the rage or the in thing again!

                                   So I showed  Miss V our youngest grand (7 yrs) my yarn
                                            cupboard and asked what colour would she like?
                                                  She chose the blue and white.
                                          I have these jumbo balls of yarn that my
                                             friend brought back for me from
                                             JoAnne's a couple of years ago .
                                           They were priced so low I couldn't

                                              Lion Brand POUND OF LOVE

                                          # 4 MEDIUM WORSTED WEIGHT

                                                    I used a 6mm crochet hook

                                                First I crocheted the blue and white
                                                    together but found that it was too
                                                      heavy for my liking.

                                                So after a few rows I changed over
                                                      to just the blue.

                                                    It took me a day to whip up.
                                               The pom poms make it don't you think.
                                                     I used my Clover  pom pom maker 2".

                                               Well I couldn't stop with crocheting just one

                                                       this one's for my sweet great niece
                                                              Miss C. she's one yr old.
                                                  This pattern is for toddlers 1 thru 4 years.
                                             This  yarn was given to me by the same
                                                     sweet friend , Lion Brand Jiffy.
                                                    This one is much heavier weight
                                                            #5, with a mohair look.

                                              Called for a #7 hook  but I used a 6.5 hook.

                                                Sat  by the sunlit window on Sunday till
                                                             I finished this cutie!

                                    Miss V has hers and loves it and can't wait to wear it.

                                                     Miss C. I'm hoping to see soon.

                                        If you want more on these patterns visit this site.

                                                    See you Soon!


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Monday, 26 January 2015



                                                  Welcome Friends!

                              Yes believe it or not it's still

                                  Snow and lots of it !


                                           Come on in! Make yourself at home!

                                                       Cozy up with a warm blanket,


                                                      How about some hot chocolate!

                                          Yes winter......... snowman.....


                                                             The ones to eat,
                                                                 or the one's
                                                                    to build.......

                                                         Anyway you look at it
                                                              olde man winter
                                                             is letting us Know
                                                                he's still here!


                                                So make sure you bundle
                                              up with a warm knitted scarf
                                                  before you head back out!!!
                                            The winds will pick up and they are forecasting
                                                                       more snow.

                                                           Stay safe and warm my friends!
                                                                      See you soon!


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Saturday, 24 January 2015

What is this???

                                                      Welcome Friends!

                                               What is this?? Can anyone guess?

                                           While in the kitchen section of our
                                       local food store I came upon this kitchen item.

                                                    Hmm what could this be.

                                       At first I thought it would fit over a pot handle,
                                           then I looked inside and it had bumps...
                                               It's made of silicone.
                                                           Have you guessed yet?

                                                   This item is a garlic peeler...

                                              Would you have guessed this.

                                                    Put your garlic clove inside
                                                          and rub it around.

                                                         off comes the skin...

                                                     Keeps the hands from smelling.

                                            Quite the kitchen tool for only $1.00.

                                     Do ever look for kitchen gadgets that are unique
                                                          and different.
                                                How could I go wrong ..only $1.00.

                                                Thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, 22 January 2015

Faux Birch Tree DIY

                                                           Welcome Friends!


                 I just could not get this Faux Birch Tree out of my head...
                           I had seen it at Target over the Christmas season...

                                       I have just about every decoration out there
                               and I promised myself that I would not buy another.....

                                                   But this one taunted me..

                                           I went back...No TOO LATE!!!

                                                 Yes they were sold out.

                             As you may have heard Target is closing it's doors in

                                  We never had an online store here  either.

                                   So I decided to make my own tree.

                             I had the perfect cone leftover from some crochet cotton
                                                    a pair of scissors
                                                         a cardboard box
                                                        a glue gun
                                                  craft paint (white and black)
                                                       Elmer's glue
                                                           $store sparkles

                                           So I started cutting out tongue like shapes
                                                    and cutting and cutting

                                          Then I started from the bottom and
                              started gluing the tongues all around the base
                                    then overlapping as I went till I had the cone covered.

                                                 Took my scissors and bent the odd one
                                                          to replicate the birch tree.

                                                      Next came the painting.
                                         The cardboard being a brown taupe I painted
                                                    just enough white so that the brown
                                                         would show through.

                                                    With the edge of my brush I picked up some
                                                              black and dragged it down here
                                                                     and there.

                                                 Once the tree was dry I took Elmer glue with
                                                    a small paint brush and applied it to the
                                                          Added some glitter and applied
                                                           glue then glitter till I was
                                                                 satisfied with the
                                                                 look I was after.

                                            Target's faux birch tree stands 14.5 inches
                                                          mine stands at 9 inches.

                                        I'm pretty happy on how mine turned out and
                                                   saved some money too!

              Mine                                                   Target's

                       "I'd rather attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing                                             and succeed" -Robert H. Schuller. 

                                                    Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

One Thing Leads to Another

                                     Welcome everyone!

       If you follow along my last post I shared  my new living room furniture...

                         Well something was missing....

                                  This short wall in the living room  divides
                                        the kitchen and living room....

                                    In the past we had our grandfather clock there and
                                                         a picture...

                       This didn't look quite right so after some persuasion Hubby
                                      moved the grandfather clock to the hall.

                                         Now I'm on the hunt for a console table.
                           I knew exactly what I was after and so poor hubby knew too
                                    we were on  another journey....

                         After many stores and prices from $500. and up
                                I decided to search the web and right there
                                         on Lowes site my table shone......

                              Called the store to see if they had it in stock and I was
                                   informed that I needed to order online.

                            So that's what we did and a week later
                             my table was delivered all the way from Seattle.

                                         Don't forget that I'm in Ontario so that's
                                                  quite the trek.
                                           Wow it fit right in with my other tables.

                                                 I know I'm going to have fun decorating
                                                       it for all seasons and just for fun.
                                                        Christmas console table..

                                                       Wonder if we are ever finished....
                                                                 Not a chance!!

                                                  Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Out with the Old

                                       New Living Room Furniture!

It's a sunny day here today and a fabulous morning to take pictures of my living room.

                              We ordered the furniture custom made through

                                     The brown leather couch that is.

                We looked and looked and looked at leather couches
                              and finally found this one in Palliser's

                        Ordered it through our local retailer and
                                           picked out the cowhide.

                                  I 've wanted leather for some time
                                           but couldn't find the size.

                             This living room is not so big so we
                                    needed to find the right size

                                      I chose leather for it's durability .
                            Having small dogs is one of the main reasons
                                              and I love the look.

                                   This was back in the fall , took 8 weeks to arrive.

                                I didn't want matchy chairs so I set  out
                                       looking for that perfect chair.

                                               I found it.
                                     Lo and behold in the same furniture store.
                                               Blue Herons on fabric.

                                                  This chair is a Lazy-Boy..

                                   Just a flashback here's the old furniture.....

                                               So happy to have my new!

                                              Have more to share but that will be another

                                          Have a great day! Thanks for stopping by!

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